Creating a timeless backyard

//Creating a timeless backyard

Creating a timeless backyard

Deciding on your backyard style can be a tough decision. Balinese hut, Classic Hamptons, native Australian… the list goes on. What you choose today will have long-term implications; will the style still work in five, ten or even twenty years time? How can you ensure that your decision will bring you value for money long into the future?

Start by looking at the exterior design of your house as well as your interior style. Taking the time to observe your current (or aspired) look will help establish fluidity between your indoor and outdoor space. If your house has an English cottage style, then a Balinese inspired outdoor space is probably not for you. A little bit of time researching an outdoor style that compliments your current space will go a long way to ensure your style choice stands the test of time.

When designing your outdoor space, opting for a neutral palette will help avoid any style traps that can be costly down the track. Netrual choices include a classic blue pool with light coloured pavers, glass fencing and green plant choices. If you are choosing this approach to your outdoor style, you can easily update your look with new pots filled with perrenials to suit current trends. You can also update you outside space with furniture choices and, of course, your soft furnishings (cushions, blankets, pool toys etc.).

Take the time to consider the longevity of your choices and you will create an outdoor space that will be the style feature that you will always love and that won’t be an ongoing money pit.

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