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Plans for summer

It is that time of the year, when people start to come out of hibernation. Sleepily, we wipe away the winter icicles, dust off our summer sandals and arch our backs, ready for long days, warm nights and fun filled activities.

This year, however, something is different. This year, I am thinking about being ‘that’ friend. Yes, ‘that’ friend is the friend with the pool. Yes, yes, this means that my kids’ friends will be around every day of the summer holidays and the parents of those kids will be over every evening. Our house will have an open door policy. It will mean that countless bottles of sunblock will be purchased (bye bye new summer wardrobe) and I will forever be washing and drying beach towels.

But, do you know what else this means? It means that memories will be forged with my family, my friends and my children’s friends. It will mean that I will no longer have to pack the car up, ensuring the eski is cold and that towels, spare clothes and hats are packed for a day at the local pool/river/beach. It will mean that I can still be in my pyjamas, sipping my morning coffee while my children frolic in our pool, filling the air with their laughter. You know what else? I like my children’s friends, their families are our friends and the fun that we will have will be amazing

So, this year, I am going to be ‘that’ friend. The friend with the pool.

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