Winter thought patterns are changing

//Winter thought patterns are changing

Winter thought patterns are changing

Summer is on the backburner and winter has already started knocking on autumn’s door. Gone are the hours of deliberation over the installation of a new swimming pool. The internet pages that were opened for researching pools have now been closed for another year. Thoughts are now geared towards a ski holiday or a winter escape to a tropical location. Weather really does have a funny way of influencing our thought patterns.

Ordinarily, autumn is not a season that we think about installing a new pool, but when you stop and really think about it, it is the perfect time to organise that new pool. Let’s face it, choosing the perfect pool takes time, a council application takes time, an pool installation takes time, don’t forget the rest of the backyard renovation: paving, fencing, retaining… it all takes time. If we kicked our seasonal thought patterns to the curb and started our usual
summer thought process now, we would get it all done and dusted during winter so that we
are pool and backyard ready for the first South Australian heatwave.

My Pinterest feed is now full of images that define my ultimate backyard and my internet pages are back on researching my ultimate pool… and a cheeky holiday to escape the winter months.

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