Lap Pools Adelaide

Lap Pools Adelaide

About Us – We Provide Functional Lap Pool Installations in Adelaide

We are the recommended expert builders and designers that construct some of the best lap pools in Adelaide. Five years ago, our owner and operator launched the business intending to deliver beautifully landscaped backyards, starting with quality swimming pools. We’ve been able to achieve this throughout the years by building numerous swimming pools and modern outdoor spaces that provide a suitable relaxing spot for families.

We have a wide range of fibreglass swimming pools made in the newest, state-of-the-art facility in Australia. Our team is ready to assist you in choosing the perfect pool and landscape design for your backyard. We will also help you through the building process, from the initial concept to a delightful outcome.

Our experienced team is happy to discuss your project with you. Contact us today and one of our passionate staff will respond shortly.

What is a Lap Pool in Adelaide?

Initially, Adelaide’s lap pools were popular in ancient Greece and Rome, where people used them for military activities, recreational swimming and sports.

Nowadays, they are a popular installation for many families around Australia. These types of swimming pools are often long, narrow and rectangular. Most experts install these pools as in-ground and above-ground pools. Although different installers use standard dimensions to install, they come in different sizes and designs, depending on the homeowner’s preference.

Lap Pools Adelaide
Lap Pools Adelaide

Why Consider a Lap Pool in Adelaide? 

Lap pools not only provide a way for Adelaide homeowners to stay active and in shape, but these installations can be a great space saver. Building a standard-sized pool can be impossible if you have a small yard space on your property. On the other hand, a lap pool won’t consume much space since it’s narrow. Most of the lap pools we provide are 11 meters by two meters.

As you know, swimming provides an easy way to keep fit if you do not want to engage your muscles too much. Therefore, the role of these lap pools is to help you work out; hence, the word ‘lap’ is used. It also ensures that athletes can privately practice if they do not want to display their skills in public.

Another benefit of having a lap pool in your backyard is that it increases your home’s value if you plan to sell it one day. This pool style adds elegance to your outdoor space and provides an entertaining and relaxing space when you have visitors or small gatherings at your home.

Finally, building this type of pool in your home is for wellness purposes. These pools are ideal for rehabilitating your body – especially if you want to improve your body posture. They decrease anxiety and pressure and you can install swim jets in them.


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