Holiday Or A Pool?

Planning that holiday (once the borders open) or installing a pool? There’s no denying both dreams come at a cost, making the choice a difficult one.

Holidays are indeed wonderful, we all enjoy them – no cleaning, cooking or routine, a chance to lay poolside and explore a new destination. Travel is indeed glorious, but in recent years it has lost its charm. In its place, people have shifted focus to their own backyard.

Many South Australians are choosing to create a permanent resort in their own backyard and ‘haven’t looked back!’

No longer are families faced with long queues at airports, lengthy waits at theme parks, inherent risks from being on the road. Instead they are waking up and walking 10 steps straight into their very own, permanent holiday! Yes, there may not be room service or concierge, but luxury at your fingertips is second to none!

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